Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yay! The blog works again...

Now that the Lunacon craziness is done and I'm almost caught up with life and writing (if not grading), I can post occasionally to this seldom-used blog. I managed to screw up the website a few months ago almost irrevocably, but that's been fixed now too.

Today's agenda includes scheduling interviews with prospective interns, working on teaching resume stuff to my current intern, and talking with some state Democratic Party folks about a project I'm doing for them as part of my Democratic Town Committee duties (yeah, I got drafted a few months ago when word got out that I was politically active... plus my lawn is in a great location for signs).

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Things that will end up in a book someday...

A few roadside observations from last week's Baseball Hall of Fame signing (more about that to follow):

Two geese escorting their goslings across the highway right by the access ramp to I-87. A beautiful sight in the early morning, but perilously close to one of those "natural selection moments."

A rural sign: Weed Orchard--pick your own.

About half a mile away: Chicks for Sale

A random granite marker with a brass plaque alongside the road in a rural area. It turned out to commemorate the spot where a woman fleeing from Indians in 1780 was shot and scalped: no context, no rest of the story, just this one sliver.